Monday, 14 November 2011

Grinding to a halt

This is the second post taken from the blog I started in late 2009 but gave up on. This entry is particularly pertinent to how I have been feeling since Friday (it is now Sunday) when I went on our puppy, Kai's first walk. See here for details. I knew what it would do to me, but went ahead anyway. It shows how little the punishment has changed between then and now.

Originally written Sunday, 29 November 2009  
I have just had one of those days that I'm sure many with similar chronic conditions can relate to. Namely a day when you simply are unable to do anything at all except sit and hopefully sleep. The pain is just too bad, to the point that not only are you boiling hot, sweaty but you also feel sick and can't even watch television.

Punishment of this kind is suffered all too regularly in my case, because I will insist on trying to do things. By things I mean read magazines, play tennis for a bit on my Wii, go out to the shops and similar pursuits. By any normal sandard these are trivial things, and certainly the length of time I can manage is to be honest pathetic to pre-CRPS activity.

I guess it's all about quality of life. You choose to suffer the punishment for the slightly better quality of life. When starting from such a low base it is totally worth it in my eyes. I would go completely bonkers if I kept to the level of activity that I can actually cope with. Argubly this would mean no life at all anyway....

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