Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Oh no, not a cold!

Let's face it, having a cold is a miserable experience for anyone. The tiredness, the 'bunged up' feeling, being cold or hot, headache and so on. Spare a thought for the CRPS sufferer or anyone with a chronic condition for that, matter. Not only are you trying to cope with the pain and everything that you deal with on a daily basis, but you now have all that a cold throws at you on top.

This is what I've been struggling with for the last week and a half. Of course my medication helps to a certain extent. The codeine in the co-dydramol stops the runny nose, but you are left feeling thoroughly congested and foggy headed. I slept even more than normal, losing complete days in the process. I never sleep in the evening, so that hopefully I don't wake too many times in the night. That went out the window, so that I was awake when I should have gone to sleep!

Having a cold makes life completely impossible. I have been totally exhausted so we haven't even thought of going out. My balance was even worse than normal, making even standing up immeasurably harder. I felt utterly awful and of course couldn't keep my mind off the pain as well as normal. It pretty much wiped me out, so I could only manage to do puzzles, reading etc. for a few minutes before having to give up. Where I normally play a video game whilst Eric is out walking the dogs, I went to sleep with the controller in my hand, only waking when they came back. It is so hard to adopt the usual pain minimising strategies when you can't think straight. It's hard enough at the best of times!

I can't get rid of the damn thing either. Was feeling a lot better at the weekend so played tennis on the PS3 Move on Sunday. I had been itching to do something as it is so incredibly frustrating and boring just sitting in this chair all day, all night. Didn't play for long but realised it was a mistake almost immediately I'd finished. Felt as bad as ever and still do as I try and write this a couple of days on.

Of course my legs have misbehaved as much as ever, with my feet lurching from ice cube cold, to furnace hot seemingly at will. As long as all the usual stabbing, burning and any other types of pain you can think of. And the swelling, etc

This is the first time I've had a cold in as long as I can remember. I certainly don't want another anytime soon..

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