Friday, 29 June 2012

I will get a quicker appointment!

Phase two of 'operation get a quicker appointment' lurched into action last night, thanks in part to a suggestion from my wonderfully supportive Twitter family, that I get in touch with PALS at the hospital and see if they could help. It is so humbling that so many of you care about me, are always in my corner, ready to support me. Thanks to all of you, you know who you are!! I just hope I do the same back, I certainly try!

Now you know me, fighting is something I'm good at, so I fired off an email to PALS with 20 odd minutes to spare before they closed. I explained the situation and pasted in the letter I wrote to my GP. I asked them to read that and then contact me to discuss it. I'd never have got the point across on the phone!

Two superb things happened this morning. Unbeknownst to me Eric went into the GP's surgery on the way back from walking the dogs to see if he could find anything out. Apparently my GP had already written a letter yesterday afternoon and it had gone off in the post last night. We were flabbergasted, so quick! Unheard of for him, obviously he must actually have read it and felt compelled to act. Yes!!

Then I check my email and waiting is a secure message from the hospital. PALS had come through already, were really sorry to hear about the problem I was having. They had been in contact with the Pain team and I could expect to hear from them (the Pain team) today to arrange an earlier appointment. I was ecstatic, perhaps this was actually going to work out and I wouldn't have to wait that horrendously long time. Maybe Eric wasn't going to have to run up a huge phone bill to pester them, phoning up week on week to see if someone had cancelled. Yes!!

Unfortunately that's as good as it got. The Pain team haven't phoned me to arrange an appointment. I am not really any further forward than I was this time yesterday, which is.... well, let's just say it's 'frustrating'. I desperately fought to stay awake all afternoon waiting for the phone to ring, but to no avail. Let down again by those who are supposed to care and help again.

I have to hang onto the positives. The Consultant will get a hopefully forceful letter from my GP which should rouse a response. I am also hoping that the Pain Clinic have made an earlier appointment and sent it in the post, so fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow. If nothing arrives in the post I will get back in touch with PALS, who in turn will hassle the Pain Team again. I know Eric will chase My GP to follow up and ensure there is a response from the Consultant. 

All is not lost, indeed I think the cards are stacked in our favour. Hopefully we won't need a phase three. We shall see....


  1. Doesn't matter how many phases this takes, each step is a step closer, may not always feel like you're moving forward but you are. You say you're in same place tonight as last night, no you're not, last night you didn't know your letter had been sent, you hadn't heard from PALS and got them on have the right people doing the right things and as long as they continue doing so then you're moving on.....

  2. I hadn't thought of it like that. You're right :-)


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