Tuesday, 18 September 2012

We have a plan!!

Well today was D-day, the day I finally got to see the Pain Consultant. It has been 14 months since last time, and things have deteriorated badly in that time. I was really nervous about it, scared as well. What if I came away no better off than I was before? What on earth would I do? How could I cope?

It turned out to be a really good and positive appointment. Explained all my concerns and worries, worsening symptoms, toes curled over and so on. We discussed my current medication collection and the fact that it just isn't working as well. Plus I went through my researched suggestions for changes that might help. He has gone with them all, so lots of change over the next 6 months! Hopefully all for the better!

We're swapping out codeine, keeping the paracetamol though, and upping the Morphine MST to 45mg. Plus adding Oramorph as more potent backup, up to 3 times a day. Will take some time to get the side effects under control, but should be worth it. Once we've done that we're then getting rid of two meds, Amitriptyline and Fluoxetine and and replacing them with Duloxetine which should work better and improve things further.

Tonnes of withdrawal in coming months, but should be more than worth it. The overarching idea is to upgrade some of the components in my cocktail of drugs to more potent ones, without significantly worsening the side effects and hence hopefully improve things for me longer term. I just told it like it is and said that it would be very nice to be able to do the few things I really want to do, like speedway and archery. Not asking for miracles just not lose the little bit of mobility I have.

Seeing Consultant again in 6 months, with 3 month telephone appointment to check how it's going. 
We have a plan.... fingers crossed it will be successful!!


  1. That's brilliant, not just the outcomes you have listed but also the fact you obviously felt listened to. To have someone take it so seriously and appreciate the research you have done yourself ect just makes you feel so much better doesn't it? It's a long road ahead of you now putting all the changes in place and I certainly don't expect it to be an easy time but it's hopefully a step in the direction you need to be taking. Xxx

  2. That's awesome news, crossing fingers for a great outcome eventually...


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