Sunday, 10 February 2013

Not something I'd want to go through again!!

Eric took this seemingly comical photo of me with Kai perched precariously on my shoulder sometime after 5am this morning. What was really going on was a frightening episode for me, him and the dogs.

I woke up shivering. I don't mean the shivering  we all do when we experience a temperature drop, say when we go outside.. This was full on, completely uncontrollable shaking of my whole body. My teeth were chattering, both eyes were agony. Everywhere hurt, I couldn't move at all, I had no strength in my muscles. I didn't want to wake Eric. However after about 15 minutes snuggled under the duvet with my fleecy blanket it was just as bad. I had no other option. It was frghtening, I couldn't understand why I was in so much trouble. I didn't know what to do with myself. For some reason my knees were bent, so every shake was agony. I couldn't relax the legs at all because every time I tried the the pain was even worse. I was screaming in agony, couldn't find a position that reduced the intensity of the pain.

As ever Eric was brilliant. He went off and found lots of blankets which he put over me and tucked me in. a cup of tea with a bit of sugar in it appeared. next came Oramorph which really helped as it slowly enabled me to relax my legs a bit. The blankets made very little difference initially, it was more than an hour before the shivering calmed down and I started to warm up. More cups of tea appeared, and he didn't stop watching over me. Eventually I managed to get back to sleep and as I write this now I feel a million times better than I did then. Still awful but at least it is now the usual 'payback' that comes with doing anything. It's never pretty, but this was something else completely. My crime? Archery coaching.....

Right, back to the photo. Bella can't cope at all when I am particularly bad and either runs away or refuses to leave me. In this case it was the latter. Despite it making everything worse she refused to leave me. We'd get her to jump off but then immediately she would jump back up. Eventually Eric managed to get her to lie on the bed next to me. As soon as I woke up she was back up on my lap. As ever, I wonder what I'd do without her. Similarly, Kai was determined to look after me as well. I couldn't see what he was doing because I had sunglasses on with the fabric case over the top to block out the light. How he ended up there I have no idea.  Eric lifted him off so he did the next best thing and sat on the box I have next to my chair, pawing at me to stroke him. Aren't dogs brilliant? They bring such comfort and support.

I truly hope I don't have to go through that again. It was frightening to be in that state, which has to be one of the worst episodes I've had after doing something. Perhaps it was because of the virus I've had all week, I wasn't over it as much as I thought. I will never know I suppose. It is worrying that the payback seems to have been ramped up a level recently, but I have to keep doing the things I enjoy (archery and going to speedway) regardless. The alternative is a life sat in my chair doing nothing. CRPS got the better of me this morning, but the fight goes on......

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