Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Knee trouble

One thing leads to another, life is like that isn't it? Cause and effect. Problems and consequences.

In my case broken chair has resulted in more broken knees. Well not broken so much, more riddled with CRPS and therefore more pain, swelling and reduction in movement. I didn't really think I was actively using my knees when trying to egg out of my chair. Perhaps I wasn't but regardless CRPS has seized the opportunity and has worsened, especially in the left knee. 

It took a while to get moving again once my chair was fixed, but as soon as I felt able I went back to dragging myself up the stairs when necessary. It is surprising just how much stiffer and more painful my left knee is. It was incredibly hard the first time, and I needed lots of help from Eric. I am really struggling but will persevere. I have to try and improve the movement back to where it was before the chair broke. It wasn't great by any means, but better than now. If I stop being able to drag myself up the stairs it's game over. Can't have a bath, use the toilet.

We went out today, the first time I've been out in goodness knows how long? Must be a month. I can feel the impact on my knees there too. I find it very hard to relax the legs at all in the wheelchair, well anywhere to be honest. The pain makes the legs tense up constantl. I have to make a physical attempt to relax them. Normally in the wheelchair I try to help this by sitting with a slight bend in the knees, Not much, but enough to just take a bit of pressure off. Couldn't manage that today, found it impossible to achieve that smallest of bending movements. As with getting up the stairs, if I can't use my wheelchair then it's most definitely game over. No going out, no gardening, no speedway. No life....

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  1. I am so sorry to hear you are having such problems and it is obvious in your writing how badly this is affecting you, don't stop fighting Jane, don't let this awful disease destroy your spirit. You are stronger than that and we are all here for support, we are egging you on, can you feel us helping you up those stairs? Xxx


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