Saturday, 7 July 2012

Whatever next?

Are there times when you think 'give me a break'? Well that's how I'm feeling right now. It seems to have been one thing after another in the last few weeks. None of it directly related to CRPS. But all conspiring to make life that little bit harder. 

First there was the problem with my Pain Clinic appointment, where we had to postpone because I couldn't see my Consultant.  He wasn't seeing patients, but instead I would have just seen a nurse. Totally useless so we had to postpone.The rearranged appointment came through the post, scheduled for the 1st November, some four and a half months away! We've managed to get it pulled forward to 18th September but that's still a lifetime away, struggling as I am at the moment.

Then I started getting pain whenever I bit down on the left side molars at the top. As I haven't had a filling before I didn't know whether that was the problem or not. It was intermittent, sometimes there, and other times there was no pain at all. Nothing for it, time for a trip to the dentist. Now there's an adventure in itself!! The surgery is essentially a converted bungalow, so getting into her room is an utter nightmare. Tiny corridors, little manoeuvring space. I tell you, I'd be an advanced driver if there was such a thing for wheelchairs!! Lots of backwards and forwards movements, plus Eric lifting the wheelchair round a bit! At least she examines me in my wheelchair, which saves that struggle.
Turns out my wisdom tooth is trying to come through more than it already has but there's a molar in the way! So I face having the wisdom tooth out at some point when the pain becomes unbearable. Thanks to morphine that will hopefully a long time away!!

In the last week there was all the worry and stress with my health scare, the topic of my last blog post. Thankfully that has turned out to be nothing to worry about. Hooray, a good outcome!

Then to top it all, I went to put the legs down on my reclining chair late yesterday afternoon, as I needed the loo. Pressed the button. Nothing. Dead as a dodo. Eric did all the normal checks you do when something electrical doesn't work, all to no avail. We were faced with the problem of me being stuck in my chair. How was I going to get out? Without causing further pain, or worst case scenario, me ending up on the floor screaming in agony with Eric unable to get me up on his own. It would have been funny, had it not been such a serious problem.

I am now getting out of my chair over the left arm. Eric helps get my legs up onto the arm of the chair. He then hangs onto the other side to stop it tipping whilst I push myself up to a sitting position with my right arm. Is shows just how strong I've become that I can even manage it once, let alone every time I have to get up. Getting back in is much easier, gravity does most of the work for me. It must look utterly hilarious though, perhaps we should sell tickets? Of course my legs are thoroughly unimpressed by this unusual activity and are complaining more than usual. 

Fortunately for us the chair is under guarantee so they are coming to fix it on Tuesday. In the meantime I shall continue doing my gymnastics until my arm and shoulder give up. Hopefully that won't be before Tuesday or life could become even more 'interesting'.

What else can life throw at us? The mind boggles! One thing's for sure. I'll keep battling on.....

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